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A consultancy dedicated to providing a full range of technology based advisory services to clients across every sphere of business.

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“The sole reason we exist is to improve the working lives of our clients.”

Sean Cox BSc Management

Our Pledge to You

We are dedicated to providing a full range of the highest quality services to clients across a broad range of industries. We adopt a keen commercial, white-glove and practical approach, coupled with a friendly and responsive culture, conducive to long-term partnerships.
Fees can be fixed and agreed before we start our work, so that you can effectively budget and avoid unfortunate but all too commonly experienced cost overuns. To go one step futher we also advise clients on how to minimise fees and provide flexible payment terms as required.
Projects will be completed by pre-agreed deadlines, on-time, everytime or sooner by agreement. With complete quality management and clear procedures for handling your instructions. A professional and friendly partner will be in contact regularly by agreement to update you on progress.
Free and full telephone support to identify and anticipate any opportunities or issues on the horizon. Phone us for an initial view and quick response. Guaranteed timely responses. We react quickly and are highly proactive in helping you operate as efficiently as possible.


It's What We Do

A full range of web design solutions, from simple one-page adverts to sophistcated web apps to execute your products and services.
Bespoke enterprise software to simplify and enhance legacy analogue processes to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and drive revenue.
Credible and organic digital marketing across all channels to drive engagement and ultimately, revenue.
We help organisations improve their performance and unlock value through expertise working with a broad range of companies.
We have years’ of experience across consulting and finance, with a broad network of talented individuals to advise you on crucial decisions.
We create digital versions of previously analogue processes and items, then work with you to implement these changes throughout your organisation.

Our Team

Sean Cox
Founder & CEO
Asher Gilani
Head of Strategy
Esmeralda Ndregjoni
Business Development Intern
Linda Houghton
CFO & Operations
Aurora Toselli
Client Liason Manager

Contact Us Today

We welcome any enquiries from individuals and organisations seeking advice and assistance. We can provide quality workable solutions to a wide variety of issues, globally. Please contact us below and feel to reach out to Sean directly.
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